Tech saves lives

Tech is all around us

but it wasn't always this way. In my youth if you wanted to meet with friends you had to first make an appointment with your friends then make another appointment to be at your local phone box to take their call.

How things have changed. In the UK the NHS is praised for the work that they do (we give them a cheer and clap at 8pm every Thursday) which is Free at the point of use, but could you imagine the NHS without Tech?

No mobile phones, no ECG, no microscopes, no Ambulances fitted with life saving equipment.

Now that Covid-19 is in almost every corner of the world it makes you think how big the world would be without Tech.

My son is stuck in a far off land but because of Tech he is just a few digits on a phone away, I can even see him when we speak.

When I was a child and my parents would send me to bed I would dream that someone would invent a tiny TV that I could watch whilst they were down stairs. The Idea came to me after watching far fetched cartoons in black and white.


Well they weren't as far fetched as all that were they?