Tech in our lives today

Tech in our lives today

Close your eyes and take yourself back in time, take yourself back to a time when there were fields, woods, caves wild animals and no shops.

A time before TV a time before all your favourite celebs on tv, imagine no phones no electricity no gas in homes no microwaves ovens no washing machines no mobile phones. What would you do?

Could you hunt for your food could you grow your own crops? If you could, would you be brave enough to be the first to eat what you catch or risk eating that nice looking red berry that looks tasty but could kill you in minutes? If you were lucky, a quick death would be better than a long drawn out one (no Doctors no Hospitals)

Today we think that life is hard, but is it? If we need food there are shops if we need clothes there are shops if we need shelter there are houses, hotels, flats, and even tents if all else fails.

We must give a big shout out to all the brave people that gave us ALL an easier life the list is endless, but there are few people that must get a mention:

Benjamin Franklin. Electricity

Nikola Tesla. The Internet

Alexander Fleming. Penicillin

Grace Hopper. Computing

William Cullen. Refrigeration

Alexander Graham Bell. Telephone

John Logie Baird. Television

All of the inventors mentioned above have in a huge way helped to keep us all as sane as possible during the worst Pandemic known to anyone alive today Covid-19, Without these people there would have been no news on TV no internet no cold food storage, no games for people to play in comfort during isolation

No faces of loved ones from far away talking to you as if they were in the same room. All these things were made possible because of TECH. So we should thank them all for what they have done for us. Thank you from me.